Mobile and Led Truck Media gives you the freedom to move it from place to place to expose your

brand right where your potential customers live, work, and play. 


Standard outdoor billboards can cost around $1,200 per month or more and usually require a minimum 6 month lease. In contrast, with one of our billboard trailers you could make a return on your investment in less than 4 months and then advertise with your own mobile and led billboard trailer FREE for LIFE!



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Mobile & Led Billboard Trucks For Sale

  4. Durability

  1. Low Cost

​​Why billboard trailers are a great investment​

  2. Visability and Impact 

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  3. Mobility 


Our mobile billboards provide 340 square feet of advertising space or more.
​Built specifically for advertising, our led 
mobile billboard trucks only do one thing; take your message directly


As #1 mobile billboard manufacturer  we only work with steel made in the USA to

ensure quality and durability. 

Brand New LED Digital Billboard Truck for Sale. This awesome moving billboard is your best option to run a perfect campaign.

You will have a lifetime of free led truck advertising!!